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Funmaps's Rules

- - - - - Rules

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    General Rules

    - Any type of dissrespect, harass, racism will be punished (!nametag included). "Nigger" and derivatives are racist. Admins do NOT need to warn before mute/gag or ban in extreme cases.
    - Don't mic spam. There is a voice chat to speak things/doubts/funny moments/fails about the game or server, not for speak about your personal lifes or snapchat or things like that [we have TS3 ( or Discord if you want to speak more. If you want, you can have a private channel in ts3], this also includes playing music.
    - Hacks, scripts and macros are strictly forbidden (permanent ban). +strafe is allowed. If you use +left or +right, you'll be slayed by console.
    - Respect the orders of staff members. If they say you something about your behaviour, obey and if you think they are wrong, contact me or Edyone (better if you contact me because Edyone is busy with technical things).
    - English is the only language allowed in voice chat. Other languages (Spanish included) will be punished with mute. Admins NEED TO warn before mute.
    - Don't bug, glitch or exploit. Take advantage of them, will be punished (more time if it isn't your first time or you did it because there weren't admins online). If you find some bugs, notify them in forum.


    - Don't camp. It's considered camp when you are 6-8 sec in the same spot. An admin will slay you if he sees you camping. Remember that they aren't gods, they can't see everyone at the same time (specially if they are alive).
    - In arena maps:
    + Only 1v1. If you there are 2 fighters of the same team, one will go to a corner and don't fight until his teammate dies.
    + Don't leave the arena. Wait and let enter in the arena (don't camp the door).


    - Don't join Terrorists if there is already one. There is an automated system to rotate terrorists, if you manually swap, you can bug it and give more work to admins swapping you back.
    - If you are the last CT, you can't stay or feint traps more than 10 secs the same trap. There are people waiting to play, don't make them wait.
    - Don't press some automated traps (for example, doors) or kill several CTs and then type !freerun.
    - Don't kill your CTs teammates with T traps when you choose "old" at the end of the map. Teamkilling isn't allow.
    - Don't throw smoke/flashbangs for block your teammates. Smokes/flashbangs are for confuse T, not to kill or stop another runnner.


    - In multigames maps:
    + Try to don't repeat minigame. It may be funny for you but i'll be bored for other user.
    + Use knife for backstab in Only-headshot minigame isn't allowed. You can choose a weapon at the start. Admins are NOT guilty that you "dropped" your gun. Admins can use "/give UserThatDropHisPistol usp_silencer" but it's not required.
    + Knife minigame has the same rules than 35hp.

    - In course maps:
    + If you are the last one, try to do it fast. There are people waiting to play.
    + Don't wait in spawn or stages until everyone is dead. Go forward. You'll be slayed.


    - Don't kill in buyzone. There is a plug-in that makes you invincible while you can buy but there are maps that buyzone is bigger than the "shopping area".
    - Buyzone is for buy weapons, not for get inmunity to bullets in middle of a shooting.
    - Don't camp. It's considered camp when you are in the same spot 8-10 seconds without shoot someone or 15 seconds if you are shooting someone.
    - Don't throw fire in teleports. Admins will slay you for that.
    - Don't throw flashbangs at the start of round. Admins will slay you.

    If someone break the rules several times, he can get BANNED even the rule says slay.
    The staff team can apply their own judgment when there aren't any applicable rule.

    Cola-team has the rights to change these rules whenever they want without notice it.
    If you have some rules suggestion, write a thread here.

    Greetings, Nep-senpai.

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