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Application for Bhop

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    Super Duck cOLa

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I asked for closing the thread earlier. I just wrote that what i felt in this moment :P. Close the thread now. Please. Thanks for being so honest to me and all others which tried to help and Support me to get Admin back.

I just got such a nice response from others who gave me a +1 here that i really thaught "hey some of you want me still back" but as always you have the last word.

I got my first adminperms on bhop after the server got created and i supported the server since that day and i think thats why i want admin back. Cuz i want to support the server again and do such stuff as zoning etc. I miss it tbh.

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    Líder cOLa

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For sure u want to help, and that's why you delete me from your friendlist --> Reason? This decision?

Sorry but don't want you as admin again and even less if u still being such inmature. Good Luck Duck, was a pleasure speak with you.

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