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Maps/skins/etc (FunMaps!!)

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    I have done my best to find maps, not easy it took its time. I know that all of these maps won't be added but I found a few. And if I'm right, we had the Map (draw) before but was remove like 2 years ago. Me, Gringo and Falion are willing to check for glitched spots and bugs if the maps get put in. When it comes to skins, it will be list a little further down, under the map list.


    Course Maps:




    Surf Maps:


    35hp Maps:




    And now to the Player skins, nothing special just skins from the jailbreak that would be good.

    And we would also like one of these skins be a Admin only just like the (Cola Soldier) but for (T) (StormTrooper)

    Or what you can do is move the skin (MetalGear) to (T) and but the StormTrooper to (CT) and let it be only admins. 

    So we have one for (T) and for (CT) thats not 50k or 75k



    - http://www.mediafire... 2017 fixed.rar

    - Trump 

    - Hitler

    - DeadPool

    - StormTrooper

    - psycho 

    - Harley

    - Jason

    - Gunslinger

    - Zero

    - Lux 

    - neku sakuraba and the Halloween one


    preferably they should not be too expensive because everything is already expensive and almost nobody has credits, and that takes me to the second point. The people want some events and other things that so they can earn credits, Doesn't need to be anything big, just small events a little here and there. So the players get credits, as I see it now, almost no got credits, and all the ones with credits have stopped playing on the server, so it would be good with something like this.





    The last part will probably be the hardest one, it's about new a gamemod. What we had thought of was things like Paintball or Hide and seek. We know that this will not be an easy task, but would definitely get players on to FunMaps, as well as make others stay on the server.


    PaintBall - 

    Hide And Seek - none



    Thank you for taking the time to read.
    Me and everyone else also want to thank you for the new things on the server,
    really means a lot.
    Chewi / Gringo / Falion




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