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Problem with !ws and !knife on zombie escape server

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So to sum it up !knife and !ws has always caused a bug where if you pick up a knife materia like barbossa for example and if you switched either with !knife or !ws, barbossa's abilities would disappear and you would turn invisible giving you a huge advantage. Recently with the new !ws and !knife update it has caused major problems. Before this wasn't a known glitch and was only known to a few, but now !knife and !ws updates more frequently or atleast when you pick up a new knife it swaps the knife and skin you have causing this bug to happen. This pretty much destroys the whole purpose of Barbossa and other materials that you pick up with through knife.

I understand that !knife and !ws is a huge selling point of this server but it's causing big problems for the zombie escape server with the current maps that are popular, is it possible to get a custom made one which doesnt update like the old !knife and !ws and only updates if you open up the menu?



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