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"The Huge Map Update" a.k.a "HMU"

17 February 2017

Posted by Edyone in Noticias generales
So whats up FunMap players?!

Sorry If i'm not active like before in FunMaps, but this is going to change with this update. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the...


I'm going to explai this very quickly, the update is mainly aimed to bring back to life the 35hp mode, BUT there are more surprises, now i'm going to list all the new maps and I hope you vote them and not always the same maps.

  • 35hp_rs_2
  • 35hp_akane
  • 35hp_angar (WARNING: Knife duel map, there's a ring where only 2 players can fight)
  • 35hp_botomless
  • 35hp_galaxy_ring (WARNING: Knife duel map, there's a ring where only 2 players can fight)
  • 35hp_industrial_site (WARNING: Big arena, recommended for +10-15 players)
  • 35hp_kodiak_arena (WARNING: Big arena, recommended for +10-15 players)
  • 35hp_lego_2
  • 35hp_notebook_ultimate_2
  • 35hp_propran
  • 35hp_roll_v20
  • 35hp_skyline_v1
  • 35hp_snow_night_v2f
  • deathrun_aztecan_csgo_v1
  • deathrun_deluxe_csgo_v2_2
  • deathrun_ecliptic
  • deathrun_sonic_shpdr
  • deathrun_steam_works
  • deathrun_tropical_island_final_csgo
  • mg_aperture_escape_csgo
  • mg_arcs_multigames_csgo_v2
  • mg_azure
  • mg_clouds_multigames_v2
  • mg_cyber_course_v4
  • mg_krane_multigames
  • mg_mario_galaxy_v2_fix1
  • mg_metal_course_level_2
  • mg_minecraft_temple_v4_2 (WARNING: This map requires cooperation, there are bosses and other stuff)
  • mg_struses_games_csgo_v2
  • mg_weapon_case_arenas_v1_2_2
Combat Surf:
  • surf_aero_violence
  • surf_desertwaves_4
  • surf_dust_2015_csgo
  • surf_itrance
I really hope you enjoy the new maps and do not hesitate to notify any bug/glitch on these maps.


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Dust2 Only Event

03 February 2017

Posted by Snife in Noticias generales
THE EVENT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! Loads of players were on, we had tons of fun doing all of the activities! We did unfortunately have a few bad people who we had to eventually ban, but other than that the event went great! The tournament was a great success too, congrats to @JayDee for taking home the trophy!

***EDIT: Removed having to register to join the tournament. Removed /drug activity, too hard to /drug everyone at once.***

Hello everyone, I will be hosting an event this Sunday at 2pm EST. (2/5/2017) On the dust 2 Only Server!  *IP:*

To enter, simply comment your in-game name below! (And don't change it until after the event is over.)

Note: This even will not be short, these activities will last one full game a piece. (Except for the /drug round and the tournament.)

Any players that are not complying will have to be kicked. If they continue, I feel as though a 6 hour ban is necessary, just long enough to finish the event.

Any admins that could be present would help, a lot. Here are the planned activities:

First Activity - Knife Only Game.

Second Activity - Deagle Only Game.

Third Activity - Zues Only Game.

Fourth Activity - Removed /drug activity

Fifth Activity - Dualies Only Game.

Sixth Activity - Graffiti wall. All players will meet outside long and spray graffiti over long. I had this happen on the server a few days ago, if everyone sprays, it will look amazing.

Seventh - 1v1 Tournament
This will be hard, we will need full player cooperation, and the attention of admins to /kick anyone that's not complying. Here's how it will work: All players will 1v1, the winners of those 1v1's will have their names written down, the winner goes to the sidelines, and the next 1v1 begins until the first batch is done. Each in-game round timer will be one 1v1. Then the winners of the first batch will face each other, and so forth. The winner will receive Pheonix Graffiti! Players will be allowed to spectate at the sidelines.

Edit: Moved Graffiti Wall to Sixth Activity.

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Cola Special Event 21-01/2017

15 January 2017

Posted by CrazyKiller in Noticias generales

Cola Event

Hi guys! I'm planning an event for the next week in Jailbreak server(
The event consists of a minigames duel with three rounds, every member of the bracket will have the chance to select one minigame (the third minigame is random). All available minigames are listed here:
  • Knife fight (No bunny)

  • No-Scope fight

  • Football

  • Basket

  • Russian Roulette

  • Skipping Rope

  • Skeet

  • Grenade fight (not sure how to do this)

  • Shotgun fight

  • Pool race
The event is quite simple, if you want to participate, just type "I want to participate + (the number of minigame that you want)" in this thread.

And now the most waited part, the prizes. For now I've only decided the first prize, It will be a free admin for one month in the server that the winner wants or one skin from our store, note that if the winner abuses his powers, his admin will be removed inmediately. If the winner is currently an admin, he will only have rights to choose one article from our store.

The inscription period ends the 20/01 over the 22:00 (GMT+1) then i'll public here the final Bracket of fights


We're waiting for you guys! More Players = More Fun

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