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Admin Request DUST2 !Ws !Knife

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↓ ↓ ↓ Server: DUST2 ws knife (!
Name / Nickname: Snife
Age: 16
Your Steam profile or steamid:
http: //steamcommunit...SnifeSnifey777/
Why do you want to be a server admin ?: I would like to help the community, I am very active With 52 hours and counting. Right now there are not enough active admins, even being on shale With a lot.
Things About the clan you like and things you do not: I like how everyone Seems to be active, and you guys That Have Been around for a long time. As of yet I have not found anything That I do not like.
Name at Least 2 clan leaders: Andrei and Franc1sco
Name At Least 2 server admins (none of the above): Goyle, and Shaley
Experience as an admin: None as of yet.



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Request Status: Accepted

Welcome to Cola-Team staff. I hope you'll do a good work as admin. If you have any problem/doubt, feel free to ask me or another admin.

Que alguien le ponga el admin tambien en el foro, por favor. @CrazyKiller

Un saludo, Nep-senpai.

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Congrats Snife,  if you need any help with comands etc,  come ask me through steam. Ill see
You on servers..
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Updated my post and copied there, close this one.

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