[FunMaps] Let's get to work


Da Boss
Division Boss
Well, after months of being inactive at FunMaps, I think it's time to take it SERIOUS and fix this server since It was a good place to spend your free time and tryhard like b*tches
The main reason of why I'm making this post it's because I start the university tomorrow with the afternoon shift, so I'll have a lot of time in the mornings to make changes on the server without disturbing the (hopefully currently) low quantity of players.

I'll clarify some points for all users:
  • The language of the server is ENGLISH since almost the 90% of players are non-spanish and can speak english without problems. Anyway you can speak any other language in written chat WITHOUT SPAMMING, if you want to talk with a friend, you can use our TS3 server, there's no need to spam voice/chat. Remember that arguing in another language that's not english over written chat will be punished (mainly for spamming because we're not translators).
  • Every user must follow the community's hierarchy, if someone has problems with one rank, the affected must go to an HIGHER rank. For example: [member=Nep-Senpai] bans you and you complain to [member=PalauMedia]. That's WRONG, you must ALWAYS complaint to an higher rank and I'll consider that as a lack of respect (current SuperAdmins are from JailBreak server so I don't count them). The current hierarchy is Moderator<Admin<SuperAdmin<Division Chief/Boss<Leader.
  • [member=Nep-senpai] and me will be the ones managing the server, but remember that other DB still have rights and autority to order you something.
  • All Admins and SuperAdmins are getting removed from the server with the exception of [member=Lucy] and [member=Ino]. Before you start complaining, NO, it's not any kind of favoritism, it's just because they are the only two who have a clean history. And of course it doesn't mean that you can't become admin again, consider it as a "hard reset". We just want to re-build the staff team from scratch.

That's all, the "to-do" list is the next:
  • Add new gamemodes
  • Fix conflicts between plugins
  • Add new playermodels (Thanks to gringo)
  • Add other fun stuff for the store like taunts
  • Add/update maps
  • Re-build the staff team
  • Update plugins
  • Add micro-games for spectators and dead players (it's done but requires translation)
  • Fix some bugs
  • Check some configs
  • Check why the fuck SMAC conflicts with WarioWare mode
  • Maybe add an achievement system (jailbreak-like)
  • Add a timer for course maps
  • And much more... Remember that you have the suggestion section if you want to remind me something.
Y para los españoles, os haré una especie de examen de inglés si quereis ser administradores, no me sale de los cojones que andeis usando el traductor.


Líder cOLa
cOLa Leader
When you want we see it to update plugins and more things.


Da Boss
Division Boss
Remember, the "mass demotion" it's not because you did bad or something. We just want to revise the old staff list and make a new one (as I told Chewi, many of you will recover your ranks at the end of the... "fixing").


Division Boss
<p>Can't wait to see the server rebuilt :D</p>


Will you be wiping the /Rank stats? i hope not worked quite a while to get where i am xD


Da Boss
Division Boss
All data SHOULD be kept, but I can't promise anything.
Lovely, hopefully it all works out for you guys - alltough I have one slight question:
What do you mean by "clean history"?

I do hope to see the final view of yours used practically, since now the final outcome can only become as perfection - as you've/senpai seen the multible versions of funmaps and their mistakes.

Wishing the best luck of reviving something that has been harly breathing for a while - what a fucking poet I am LMAO

Goyle - ***


Da Boss
Division Boss
I'm sorry for not being active since this post were written. Almost half a year have passed and I didn't have time for fixing this server, but now we'll get to REAL business.
This weekend I'll start by adding a few improvements, removing old skins/plugins and updating/adding some maps (Thanks @Gringo and others for making posts suggesting new maps and stuff)
Maybe I'll add the CSGOWare mode and micro-games for spectators too.
I'll post all updates in this thread so stay tuned and subscribe to this thread!

EDIT: We'll not remove your admin/mod ranks! But @Nep-senpai or I might talk with all of you about a few things