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What about zombie riot ? Its really fun gamemode and doesnt require many players to be actually a good server


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What about adding the shop to the soccer server?


Thanks for collaborating with our community! Soccer server is ready for you to play with (@[member='Franc1sco'] and i have just finished server configuration), there are lots of skills/plugins that you can use there to start any match that you want against your friends or random people, to sum up here is a list of important features:

Located in UK

(SoccerMod Pro 4.0)
- More than 30 maps from different sizes (3vs3, 5vs5, 7vs7, 11vs11)
- Volley shots (while jumping in the air)
- Heading (slightly different from volley shot)
- New controls, E (use & toggle), R (hold), Shift (once), Shift+A, Shift + D
- New position: !gk (in chat) / A gk can grab the ball with invulnerability inside his/her area, outside is a normal player
- Sounds to kicks, steals and ball grabbing
- MVPs, steals, assists, passes and global score
- In-game chat log to see what is happening
- Hint messages for some action keys

* Crosshair direction: Shooting/passing direction
* Left click (free): Soft kick
* Left click (near ball): Steals the ball
* Right click (free): Medium kick
* Right click (hitting player): Hurts enemy to steal the ball
* Both clicks (simultaneously): Strong kick
* W (tap twice): Sprint for 6 seconds aprox
* E (toggle): Switch between free mode & dribbling mode
* R (hold): Attract the ball
* Shift (once): Stop the ball
* Shift+A (once): Next kick will curve to <<< LEFT (only with both clicks)
* Shift+D (once): Next kick will curve to RIGHT >>> (only with both clicks)
* You can combinate some of them to improve your skills

(Admin console commands)
sm_getball = Teleports ball to admin position
sm_removeball = Hide ball from players
sm_fight = Starts a deadly knife fight
sm_goal_enable = Enable goals
sm_goal_disable = Disable goals
sm_freeze_all = Freeze all players
sm_unfreeze_all = Unfreeze all players
sm_ct_teleport = Teleports CT team to admin position
sm_tt_teleport = Teleports TT team to admin position
sm_ct_wins = CT wins this round
sm_tt_wins = TT wins this round
sm_round_draw = Executes round draw
sm_clean_score = Cleans the scoreboard for both teams
sm_ct_point = Adds one point to CT team
sm_tt_point = Adds one point to TT team
sm_ct_substract = Substracts one point from CT team
sm_tt_substract = Substracts one point from TT team

Created by: Arbol & Ulreth
Maps and design by: Ulreth

IMPORTANT: Don't except to master ALL the abilities listed here, this can take you some time to practice (in my case i played it from the beginning 2014), it's normal for you to start from zero since this mod has lots of gameplay tactics.


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I found 5 posts who want a Battle Royal server and thats more than retake or Soccer votes. Why is no BR server running?


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El servidor de Soccer reabierto!


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#28 War3Source | !valve - !gloves - !knifes | HYDRA


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#29 BATTLEROYAL | !valve - !gloves - !knifes | HYDRA
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